Child FIRST 

Child FIRST (Child Family Information Referral & Support Team) is the central referral and intake service for parents-to-be and families, requiring help and support for issues relating to the wellbeing of children through to 18 years of age.

Kildonan operates the Hume Moreland Child FIRST and also delivers Integrated Family Services for Hume and Moreland families. 

In the North East Metropolitan catchment area, the Children’s Protection Society runs Child FIRST and Kildonan is one of nine Integrated Family Services programs providing services across the five local municipalities in the North East Metro catchment.

Our Programs

Hume Moreland Child First

Hume Moreland Child FIRST provides information, referral and advice to families concerned about the development, safety and well being of children.

Integrated Family Services

Integrated Family Services (IFS) provides a range of family friendly services to support parents-to-be and parents with children aged 0-18 years.